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Trusts have been established since the 11th Century but aren’t just for the wealthy. The majority of people own their homes and have accumulated some wealth to protect. Trusts are a safe and secure way of providing protection for your assets whether it is Property, Investments/Savings, Pensions or Life Assurance.

Trusts ensure assets are distributed according to your wishes but unlike a standard Will they achieve this in a MUCH more secure way making sure Bloodline Planning and threats from 3rd parties are avoided. Trusts can be a complex topic but with our experienced team we are able to take the stress and technical know- how away from you and leave you with the peace of mind that your Assets are protected in the best possible way, not only for yourself but also generations to come, as many Trusts we use last 125 years!

Without Trusts, your estate is exposed to the following threats and leaves your property and assets at risk, vulnerable and unprotected.


  • Long Term Care: The Government can force the sale of your property that you have worked hard for all your life, to pay for care fees, leaving nothing for your loved ones to inherit.
  • Inheritance tax: The Government will take 40% of your entire wealth over the IHT Threshold. 
  • Divorce: If your child divorces their partner, their partner maybe entitled to half of their inheritance. That is a huge part of their legacy to lose. 
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency: If any of your beneficiaries become insolvent or bankrupt, their creditors will use your assets to pay these debts off.
  • Marriage after Death: If your surviving Spouse/Partner remarries after your death, their New Spouse/Partner could be entitled to half your assets. Your Children could also be completely disinherited in the equation.

Trust in Trusts to protect your Estate – the only secure way to protect your wealth for Bloodline Planning. We offer expertise and a wide range of Trusts to completely protect and secure your Estate. Get in contact now to see what Trust Protection you need.

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